Idaho Falls School District 91 has two middle schools -- Eagle Rock and Tayorview -- serving students in grades 7 and 8. Eagle Rock Middle School is on Idaho Falls' west side and feeds Skyline High School. Taylorview Middle School is on the east side of town and feeds into Idaho Falls High School.

In adopting a middle school system, Idaho Falls School District 91 is striving to provide young adolescents with schools specifically designed to meet their intellectual and development needs, and to give them the foundation they will need to be successful beyond high school.

Our middle schools use proven strategies to help ensure student success, including:

  • Academically rigorous classes and an aligned curriculum that helps prepare students for high school.
  • A comprehensive advisory period that provides students with frequent and meaningful opportunities to meet with teachers and assess their academic, personal and social development. (Research shows that advisory periods can improve academic performance and student attitudes about school, and reduce dropout rates.)
  • Dynamic teacher teams with a common planning time so teachers can collaborate on instructional strategies, analyze data and student assessments and discuss the best way to meet students’ needs

The district has implemented the state’s new Middle Level Credit System, which was designed to hold 7th and 8th grade students more accountable. Under the system, students must earn 80% of their total credits before moving on to the next grade.

Eagle Rock Middle School Taylorview Middle School