Our schools, administrators and staff do everything they can to be prepared in case of an emergency. Parents can help by being prepared before an emergency occurs. Here are some important things every parent can do:

  • Make sure your contact information is correct. In an emergency, school officials contact parents using the information in PowerSchool, our student information system. Be sure that information is correct, including cell phone numbers, email addresses and home addresses.

  • Make sure your emergency contact information is correct. If school officials can’t reach a parent, they will call the emergency contact listed in PowerSchool so make sure that information is current. Remember, only a parent or an emergency contact is authorized to pick up a student after an incident at school.

  • Sign up for text alerts. Schools often send texts with news and updates. Parents can only receive texts if their cell phone number is in PowerSchool and they sign up by texting “SUBSCRIBE” to 68453. Check with your school to see if your cell phone number is in PowerSchool.

  • Talk to your children. As a family, discuss what you would do, where you would meet and how you would contact each other in an emergency. Also, tell your children not be alarmed by police and/or firefighters. They often come to a school to help students and staff in emergency situations.