Schools and families can work to ensure they are prepared for an emergency, but helping to create safe schools is really a community effort. Here are some things we all can do to make sure
our schools are safe for all students and staff.

  • Be involved. Parents can be a big part of their child’s school life by reviewing homework, communicating with his or her teachers and attending school functions. Students can create or join organizations that promote safe schools. Patrons can volunteer in schools.

  • Follow school rules. We love parents and patrons visiting our schools, but ask all visitors to check in at the office and get a badge. That way, staff can easily identify and ensure that everyone in the school is authorized to be in the building.

  • Let’s stay connected with our children. Parents should get to know their children’s friends and talk about what they’re doing and where they are going. They should also be aware of what their children and friends are doing online.

  • Watch for troubling feelings. Listen to a child or a friend who shares troubling feelings or exhibits troubling behaviors. Encourage them to get help from a trusted professional. If you’re concerned, share information with someone you trust such as a counselor.

  • Notify school officials if you see or hear anything about any suspicious situations at school.