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Rachel's Challenge “Rachel’s Challenge” is coming to Edgemont! Edgemont is committed to providing a positive and safe place for our students to learn.  Students will have an opportunity to accept “Rachel’s Challenge” in the month of January. 
Rachel Scott was a student that believed she could start a chain reaction of kindness and compassion that would affect the world in an amazing way. She strongly believed that one person can make a huge difference.

“Rachel’s Challenge” will focus on how Rachel Scott lived her life and the challenges she set forth for everyone: influence, goal setting, journaling, acceptance, and kindness.  Along the way, students will have the opportunity to fill out paper chains with statements of kind and compassionate acts they have witnessed from others.  The chains will continue to grow for the remainder of the year with each kind act.   The end result will be a “Chain Reaction of Kindness and Compassion” that our school and community can celebrate by the end of the year.   

A schoolwide assembly will kick off “Rachel’s Challenge” on January 20th.  Please ask your student(s) about “Rachel’s Challenge” as the year progresses and challenge them to complete acts of kindness at home and at school.  Mr. Manley, our school counselor, will meet weekly with each classroom to facilitate activities and discussions about how we can individually meet “Rachel’s Challenge” as a way to positively influence our school and world.

To learn more go to www.rachelschallenge.org


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