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District 91 is adopting new English-Language Arts (Reading and Writing) curriculum for grades 4-8.  EL Education’s English-Language Arts Modules has been recommended for use in grades 4-6, while My Perspectives by Pearson has been recommended for use in grades 7-8.  Both programs were recommended because of their strong alignment to Idaho’s English-Language Arts standards adopted in 2011.  Both programs provide students with increasingly complex text that students are expected to read and analyze. 

EL Education English Language Arts Modules for grades 4-6:
EL Education’s English Language Arts (Reading and Writing) Modules are the recommended curriculum for grades 4-6.  The curriculum is a comprehensive, standards based literacy program that engages teachers and students through compelling, real world content.  There are four modules per grade level with each module comprised of three units.  Each module is built around one key text that every student reads.  Other texts are provided to build student reading ability and knowledge of the module’s topic. Here are links to more information about the modules: 

EL Education website:

Grade 4 Modules:

Grade 5 Modules: 

Grade 6 Modules

My Perspectives by Pearson:
My Perspectives promotes higher achievement and develops student competencies needed for college and career readiness.  Interactive learning blends print and technology creating an interactive, engaging, and relevant learning environment through readings, meaningful activities, and purposeful performance tasks.  The student text, whether in print or digital, allows students to underline, highlight, and take notes. Here is more information about My Perspectives by Pearson

Grade 7 & 8 Link to My Perspectives website:

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