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Education is changing, and our schools need to change to support a 21st Century education. Teachers need bigger classrooms and more flexible spaces for different kinds of lessons. Students need a commons so they can collaborate, work on projects or study. They also need easy access to technology. The world has changed, too, and schools need enhanced safety and security measures.

These are some of the reasons D91’s Board of Trustees has been developing plans to upgrade and modernize our schools. Idaho Falls High School was built in 1952. Skyline High School opened in 1968. While the schools have undergone several renovations since they were built, they just don’t support a 21st Century instruction. Throughout the process that started three years ago, the board has heard from parents, patrons, teachers and staff and incorporated their ideas into the HS ReDesign Project. 

D91 conducted a telephone and an online survey to gather advice from patrons about the future.  View the Telephone and Online results.

After the bond election, D91 used Thoughtexchange to gather input from parents and patrons about what the district should learn from the election.View Thoughtexchange results. 

58% of the patrons voted in favor of the $110 million bond, but in Idaho you need a supermajority (66.67%).

The board passed a resolution asking patrons to approve a $110 million bond to upgrade and modernize both Skyline and Idaho Falls high schools with no tax rate increase because of growth and rising tax values.

Board members reviewed the preliminary design concepts for the ReBuild of Idaho Falls High School and some minor changes to the ReDesign of Skyline High School.

Hummel starts work with a team of IFHS teachers and administrators, as well as a committee of community representatives, to develop design concepts for a new high school.

After interviewing several companies for a CM/GC and a Design Team for a ReBuild of IFHS, the board selected Bateman-Hall as the CM/GC and Hummel/Alderson, Karst & Mitro as the Design Team to develop design concepts and cost estimates for a new schoolSee East Idaho News  and the Post Register for the announcement of the Design Team.  

The board reviewed the final report from Hummel and Bateman-Hall.  It included several redesign options and cost projections for HS ReDesign projects. With cost estimates of about $40 million for Skyline and $46 million for Idaho Falls, the board decided it made sense to explore the idea of a ReBuild of IFHS at a new location.

After interviewing several companies, the board selected Bateman-Hall  as a Construction Manager/General Contractor and Hummel/Alderson, Karst & Mitro  as the Design Team to explore a complete ReDesign of Idaho Falls and Skyline high schools. The design team worked with teachers, administrators, parents and patrons to draft conceptual designs for both schools. See IFHS Priorities and SHS Priorities.

The board began a series of conversations with parents and patrons about what education in Idaho Falls School District 91 needs to look like if we want our students graduate with the knowledge, skills and attributes they needed to be successful after high school. A common theme from those conversations was the need to modernize our high schools.