Special EducationWelcome to Idaho Falls District 91’s Special Education department. The district serves more than 1,000 students with disabilities and special needs in a wide variety of programs.

Students are referred to special education only after general education interventions have been exhausted. A child assistance team at the school will use interventions such positive behavior supports, differentiated instruction, and made appropriate curriculum modifications in the student’s general education classroom before a referral is considered.

When the child assistance team suspects a specific disability, the intervention data will be presented to the school’s evaluation team. The evaluation team, which always includes the parent, determines whether or not the child is a person with a disability and whether or not the child meets eligibility for special education under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). Special education serves students ages 3-21. The IEP team determines all placements in special education. IDEA requires that placements be made in least restrictive environment.