SHS Exterior Entry smD91's parents and patrons will go to the polls on Aug. 28 to vote on a bond to update and modernize our high schools. The bond proposal includes: $55.8 for a new Idaho Falls High School, $28.4 for major renovations to Skyline and $2 million to begin the conversion of the current IFHS campus into a Career Technical Education Center for a total base bond of $86.2 million.

Then, parents/patrons will have the chance to vote on $13.3 million in amenities that would include a D91 performing arts center at Skyline and innovative, flexible space at the new Idaho Falls High School that could be used for an auxiliary gym, arts performances and more.



What is included in the Skyline Renovations?

Artist rendering of proposed student commons at Skyline High School



Patrons will have the chance to vote on a district performing arts center that could be used by all D91 schools.

Artists rendering of proposed D91 Performing Arts Center


Tax Impact