Improving the Academic Achievement of the Disadvantaged

Acadmic Achievement

 Title I-A is a Federal program intended to help ensure that all children have the opportunity to obtain a high-quality education and reach proficiency on challenging state academic standards and assessments. Title I-A targets resources to districts and schools where the needs are greatest. Title I-A provides flexible funding for additional instructional time for students who are most at risk for not meeting state academic standards. This funding may also be used to provide professional development, extended-time programs, and other strategies for raising student achievement in high-poverty schools.

Schoolwide Title I Program

A Title I school is eligible to become a Title I Schoolwide Program when the poverty level, (determined by free and reduced meal counts, Aid for Dependent Children [AFDC], census, or Medicaid) is at or above 40%.

  • A.H. Bush Elementary
  • Dora Erickson Elementary
  • Ethel Boyes Elementary
  • Fox Hollow Elementary
  • Hawthorne Elementary
  • Linden Park Elementary
  • Templeview Elementary
  • Theresa Bunker Elementary

Targeted Assistance Title I Program

Targeted Assistance schools receive Title I funds but are either ineligible for a schoolwide program, or choose not to operate a schoolwide program. A Targeted Assistance school may use funds received only for programs that provide services to eligible children identified as having the greatest need for special assistance.

  • Edgemont Elementary
  • Longfellow Elementary
  • Westside Elementary
  • Eagle Rock Middle School
  • Taylorview Middle School

Parent Involvement

Research shows that regardless of family income or background, students with involved parents are more likely to:

  • Earn higher grades and test scores, and enroll in higher-level programs
  • Be promoted, pass their classes, and earn credits
  • Attend school regularly
  • Have better social skills, show improved behavior, and adapt well to school
  • Graduate and go on to postsecondary education

Idaho Falls School District 91 is committed to providing the support necessary for effective parental involvement programs in Title I schools. Our Parent Involment Policy is available in English and Español.

Title I Support for Private Schools

Under Title I of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), as amended by the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB), local educational agencies (LEAs) are required to provide services for eligible private school students, as well as eligible public school students. Please refer to the complaint process for private school officals for more information.